About Us

Piki Toi is a collective of artists from the street. We may have been vulnerably housed (who hasn’t been) but we are much more than that. We are illustrators, painters, carvers, storytellers.

Through Piki Toi we want to uplift and empower artists to themselves become mentors to those in similar circumstances and wish to develop their talents as artists. Together we are working towards a creative community that supports those who otherwise would not have the opportunities or resources to realize their talents. The Piki whanau acknowledge the support of AMTK,  Unitec, Lifewise Trust, and the City Mission art studio.

Piki Toi enables creative voices to be heard and to connect to the public, enriching the cultural environment of Auckland City through this site, as well as through events, and exhibitions facilitated with the project partners.

Please support us to develop talent that would without this project, not get the recognition it deserves.

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